Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Day @ Work... for now

Wednesday, the 16th is the last day of work for me at this particular job. I work for a private university that is affiliated with a specific religion. As my days with this particular employer are coming to an end, I feel a small sense of relief and sadness at the same time. There are many factors that contribute to the mixed feelings.

The freedom of being jobless is so appealing to me. That is where most of my sense of relief comes from. I think about all the responsibilities that I get to relinquish and it is sooooooo FREE-ING! I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life. I'm excited to prepare for this upcoming cross country road trip. I'm hoping to cross America on I-40 rather than I-70 but that is for another post.

Ironically, letting go of the responsibilities that have been mine for the past three years is no small feat, especially when I have no one to train in my stead. I worry about how the department will survive without someone making sure the department gets paid (which is/was my primary responsibility). I worry about my student workers who are so dear to me. Well, at least some of them. I wonder if my boss will be gentle with them instead of a big, grumpy lion.

Well, whatever! I'm experiencing mixed feelings because, well, it's just human nature.

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Miriama said...


Work is not the same anymore:( I really really miss you..The first few months without you i can honestly describe it as "HELL". Boss was constantly under pressure, the VUETRA was acting up, so many billing mistakes; nothing seemed right anymore.

We struggled really bad at first, some new workers were already acting and I just wanted to somehow i stuck with it and now things are okay, not NORMAL but good enough. I think big part of me staying back was not wanting to leave my co-workers with boss (especially with you gone) imagine me leaving as well..Can someone say hell break loose?..LOL>.

Overall, you have taught me so much and if it wasn't for your faith I would have never gotten the job. You have taught me so much about life, sometimes i catch myself wondering what if i lived my life your way (living life to the fullest). But i guess we are meant to live life that suits us.

I admire your way of writing and is something that i envy. I love how you can keep saying " my life is an open book" and i give you a lot of props for that. Some people do not want to share any life experiences, BUT you its the total opposite. Your life experiences always seems to amaze me and I think you have come a long way.

This is my last semester here at BYUH(GOD willing) and i can honestly say it has been a fun ride. Their are few people that i will never forget their influence in my life while attending BYUH and YOU are one of them. Thank you for your positive attitude,thank you for allowing me to work with you, thank you for the never ending breakfast,lunch and snacks.Basically THANK YOU for everything..

Like the words to Blakes favorite song
"YOu are the best"
"You are the best"
"Everybody loves yo"..LOL..

I love you KOligi:)