Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brilliant Sunrise

I am so amazed at the grandeur of the Creator's universe. Brilliant shades of orange and pink are always a welcome sight to wake to. The entire view takes my breath away.
This picture was taken in Hau'ula, right near the intersection of Kamehameha Highway and Kukuna Road. Absolutely gorgeous. I've been taking so many pictures of all the gorgeous landscapes in Hawai'i. I am confident that fate will return me to the shores of my birth. I know that I will see this gorgeousness again. In the meantime, while I'm away from the land that I love, I have these pictures to fill my emptiness.
I know I will see gorgeous landscapes wherever I travel but the spirit of this land, the sadness in the songs of the birds, the weeping of the tree's, the sense of longing of my people will always beckon me back to these shores.
This is the view from my parent's driveway. I am so grateful to have witnessed such absolute beauty. This is the Hawai'i of my memory!


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Beautiful. Makes me want to visit even more.