Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Almost Excited

Well, I did it. I turned in my resignation letter. I have given them over a month to find a replacement. I'm not even sure if they will replace me. I hear talk that they will be dissolving my position. Honestly, I'm not trying to sound like I make this office spin around but in terms of billing and operations -- I kind of do. I'm training my Student Supervisor to do EVERYTHING I do just in case they do dissolve my position. I do feel a certain responsibility to how well this place will run after I leave it.

All the emotional stuff I've been experiencing over the past couple of weeks is slowly dissipating. I'm actually getting excited for the changes that will happen. I look at all the things I'll be able to do once I make this move to the south east United States. New York City will be a short plane ride away and I'll finally be able to see WICKED on Broadway. Atlanta is a four hour drive from where we'll be in Alabama. There's lots to see and do there. Nashville... even closer than Atlanta. Washington D.C. is a short plane ride up the Atlantic coast. I want to play tourist there and visit all the monuments, the Smithsonian, and hit the ARCHIVES. Yayyy!! My monthly expenses will be cut in half because EVERYTHING is cheaper outside of Hawai'i. So that's the good stuff. I already wrote about all my emotional attachments to this place so I don't have to regurgitate that stuff.

This is where I am now! It took me a week and some days to make it back to the blog world just because of how emotional I was. The full moon and the position of my cycle has played a huge part in my "mental-ness". Moving is stressful. I have to sell all my stuff because it just costs too much to take it with us. I sold two TV's, my couches, my queen bed. I have a few other items left... let me know if you're interested... (I'll get around to posting pics soon) here's a short list:

  • European King Tempurpedic Bed w/ Warranty $1500

  • Pier 1 Silver Base Lamp w/ Teal Shade $15 ea

  • Solid Wood Chest of Drawers $200

  • Breadmaker $30

  • Rice Cooker $15

  • Foreman Grill - not opened yet $30

  • Blender $10

  • Those are the main things left. I'm going to post it on Craigslist after I offer it to my family first. I can't believe it but I'm actually moving! Exciting times ahead... at least that's what I tell myself.


    evotia said...

    good to hear u're excitement about the move. what a great price for the temperpedic bed. wish i could buy it from you .. does it live up to the hype?

    NeenaLove said...

    oh my word... u have no idea! the tempurpedic is ALLLLLL THAT and a BAG OF CHIPS!! i'm so sad to let it go but it's okay. the same way i aquired this one is the same way i'll acquire the next. lol... at least thats what i tell myself. :-D

    Ui said...

    how exciting! i'm excited for you! i wanna go to ny with u to watch wicked! ok...as soon as i graduate, and get all my schooling done...i'm sooooooo down to travel on that side of our country. i totally got bit by the travel bug. i've already got a trip in october to az for a friends wedding...and maybe another galavanting session in cali with greg in september just before school starts. we'll see.

    Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

    Glad things are better for you these days. Sometimes I don't know why we women get our monthly hormonal issues. That always seems to make problems that much harder to deal with for that moment. It's not fair. I do admire how positive you are trying to be.

    I'm super excited for you. I'm jealous that you get to play tourist and see all of those things on your list.

    Lots of opportunities awaits you!