Friday, August 14, 2009

Ahhh... The Weekend

Ahhh the weekend is here. I'm so happy it's finally here. I suppose I'm suffering from "short timers" disease. I have a month left at work so I consider myself a short-timer. That's when I start to slack on my work ethic. I get more lazy than usual and start to take on a non-chalant attitude. I'm not that bad yet but it's getting that way. I've been socializing more with my student workers and sitting around the office or playing on FaceBook. I'm so over this job and ready to hit the Continental airways, headed for Alabama.

Yes! The weekend is here. I wish it were longer so I can enjoy some lazy days in the sun at the beach. Tonight, I'm stuck with homework. I'm doing the college thing again. Did I ever mention here how much I hate conventional schooling? Really I do, but I'm determined to get a degree because it's something I've never done before. I read my textbooks and I wonder why we have to go to college to study about great thinkers who, consequently, DID NOT have degree's. People get so bogged down trying to memorize facts and theories of great minds that they inhibit their own natural curiosity and wonder. Thus, frustrating the learning process.

So anyway -- I won't be at the beach this weekend because I'll be locked up in my house, finishing off some homework.

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