Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smelt Like Heaven

It smelt like heaven when I got on the elevator after work. I don't know who rode in it before me but his scent made me want to stop on every floor just to stay in the elevator a little longer. I'm not sure what the odor reminded me of. It was definitely masculine. It wasn't flowery fresh like laundry detergent OR spring-ish like dryer sheets so I deducted that it must be cologne. And whoever he was left it behind for me to take in.

I hit "L" to make my way to the lobby. As the doors closed, I am engulfed in this masculine scent. Memories of a lost love rush back. The scent in the elevator brought his face to mind because it was definitely a scent he'd wear.

I remember the silly way he got my attention the night we met. He was spraying water in my hair as he ironed his uniform. My head was aching probably from dehydration. I was irritated and did not want to be bothered yet he kept spraying my hair with the water.

I remember the first time we kissed and the first time he touched my body.

I recall the way he looked in his beige suit on our wedding day.

My mind rushes back to INTENSE conversations, solving world issues in the car getting from point A to point B.

I remember his romantic gestures - him drawing a bath for me and washing me from head to toe has got to be one of our best memories. Him surprising me by coming home early from a trip. Us slow dancing in the living room. A heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie on our first Valentine's Day together. I believe he also bought me a pendant.

All of these memories flood my mind with just a single scent. He and I are/were electric. Even now, I feel a very clear and distinct draw to him even though I am very much married to someone else. I will never understand how or why that is. I just know that I will always remember how special we were together.

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