Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have NOT been suffering from an inability to come up with things to blog about. I have, however, been very busy moving from Hau'ula to Mililani. We get the keys to our new apartment on Monday. I'm so excited to make the move. My neighbors on the makai side of us right now are absolutely, 100%, the most inconsiderate people I have ever lived near. Lastnight, they partied into the wee hours of the morning, even after the cops payed them a visit. The last I looked at the clock, it was 1am and they were still in all-out party mode! That has been one motivating factor that prodded husband and I to move from our current living situation.

This past Monday, I successfully completed the Great Aloha Run. It was quite a feat to get across the finish line. The last two miles of the 8.1 race was the most challenging of the entire race. I'm amazed that I even finished. My legs ached all over and my spirit was just weak from the physical challenge. There's something humbling that happens when your body is challenged to its limits. Even today, every leg muscle aches. I am super grateful to be of sound mind and body to have endured it.

I did take pictures at the event but it wasn't with my digital camera. I didn't feel like lugging my new camera around with me. I purchased one of those Fuji disposables. As soon as I send it out to be developed and get it back, I will post some shots. I can't wait 'til the pics taken by MarathonFoto come out.

Well, I'm out sick today. My head feels like it's going to explode. My throat is hurting so bad. All I want to do is crawl into bed and go to sleep but I'm headed to the doctors soon. I just want some pain pills to get me through whatever sickness I'm suffering from. See you in the next post!

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Keo's said...

Congrats on the new digs and the run. We may be neighbors for a few months. Looking in the waikele/waipio area when our lease is up. So when's the BBQ?