Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am coming up on the final pages of EAT PRAY LOVE and am almost sad that it is coming to an end. The book follows the travels of the author in search of meaning in her life. Though there are many things I didn't particularly care for in her story, I did enjoy how she writes and the thought processes she has. I also loved the different personalities on her journey.

It starts with the author calling out to God, a call she had never done before. Her call comes at a time when she is thoroughly discontent with her marriage and searching for relevance. I find myself waiting for the author to help me see why she is so displeased with the state of the marriage. She never explains it except that he wants children and she doesn't. What you will find, as you continue the read is how self-centered the author is and you almost desire a better reason for the author to send her life into upheaval with the extra marital affair and divorce.

The characters that she introduces in the different parts of her journey is what is most endearing! Richard from Texas becomes the voice of conscience in the authors head. The plumber/poet from New Zealand gave the author wonderful advice on INSTRUCTIONS FOR FREEDOM. Ketut Liyer is the absent-minded shaman/healer. These sets of different characters makes this read like a novel and pulled me closer into the story.

This book is a memoir so, naturally, it documents the many different epiphanies the author has. I find myself having the epiphanies with her. I loved that the most in the book! It has the possibility of reading like a self-help book, without being condescending because the author "goes there" with you! I also enjoyed the different discoveries on culture, history and practice that she inserted into the pages.

Overall, I thought the book was an alright read. I am saddened that the book must end because I have become so attached to the journey! However, the book does leave a sour taste in my mouth because the author was paid PRIOR to her travels. It's like an extended magazine article, complete with a story line that must be followed. Travel memoirs usually get a book deal AFTER they've traveled and experienced the journey.


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