Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to Reality : Random Ramblings

Well my Southern Holiday is over! I'm happy to be home mostly because of the moisture in the air. Serious! I thought Alabama was as humid as it is in Hawai'i -- which would mean that my nose wouldn't bleed every day and my skin wouldn't be so dry... but I was wrong. Maybe it's because in the continental U.S. people spend so much time indoors where there is zero humidity. That's probably it! I'm just glad to have this moisture back in the air.

I have dreaded coming back to work. Aside from the pay, I actually enjoy my job. However, I just been feeling like I am outgrowing this position and there's no room to grow or increase my pay. I am definitely craving change. I've started applying to different jobs and planning to make a move out of the community I currently live in. It's time to go back to the central part of the island. Of all the places I've lived on this island, that would be my favorite part. Husband and I have set a target date to be out of our current living situation by the end of June. But who knows where the Lord will place us? I am so open to the journey!

Lately, my dreams have been very enlightening... almost spooky at how it answers my deepest questions!

This is the beginning of 2009 and I have the same goals as I did last year:
1. Release 50 pounds FOREVER!
2. Bare a child/ren!
I'm determined to make at least #1 happen since my cousin asked me to be her Matron of Honor in her July wedding! #2 is entirely up to the Lord. I'm ready. I'm willing. It's up to Him to allow me the opportunity to be a mother.

It's back to reality for me... after such a relaxing vacation in Alabama!


Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

Welcome back! Maybe you might end up in Mililani. Anyway, Happy New Year!

NeenaLove said...

That's the plan! I love Mililani. I lived in Nob Hill for quite awhile back in the 90's. It's time for me to return.