Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Continuation of my Sentimental Mood

I was in A Sentimental Mood the other day. I talked about an acquaintance that passed at the tender age of 37. Today was his memorial services. It was a beautiful service replete with flowers and music and wonderful memorials by his father, his wife, his eldest son, his best friend... I mean folks had so many nice things to say about him. I too have ONLY nice things to say about him and I just knew him in passing.

Anyway, the service had me thinking about so many things. From -- having a plan in place should I pass at an early age to wondering what people will say of me when I pass. One particular quality popped into my head that I would most like to be remembered for.

I would like it to be said of me that I was ADVENTUROUS... that I did everything I wanted to. I think that was the case in my younger years, fresh outta high school. Once, out of the blue, I purchased a one-way ticket to Oakland, California... had only $300 in my pocket and set out for some great adventure. From Oakland, I got on a Greyhound with a very best friend of mine and we took to the wild west. Landed in Los Angeles for a bit and went on to New Mexico where we parted ways. It was such an adventure! I have much more yet to do....

Sky diving
Hiking in Tibet
Studying Buddhism at a Buddhist Monastery
Going on an Aboriginal Walkabout
Kayaking in the Arctic
Hiking the Great Wall of China
Visit Machu Pichu
Visit India to learn Hindi traditions and beliefs

I remember once, being so cold in St Louis, Missouri, I got in my car and drove 25 hours to Key West, Florida. It was an unbelievable journey. I traveled with my best friend which made the journey so much fun. We had a blast! It is a journey I will never forget. Don't worry folks, we went in February when it was NOT hurricane season.

Adventure is me getting on public transportation into the city without a way to return home.... then finding my way home after three days of partying.

Adventure is me driving cross country... SFO to Georgia.

Adventure is me phoning my mother that I got married on a whim. Fate tells me it was destined cause we are still together 5 years later.

Adventure is me, on this earth, at this time, so incredibly at peace with the destiny of my soul.

Let it be said that I lived an Adventurous life; that I lived a full and complete life; that I lived BIG and loved BIG.

* * * * * * *

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Ui said...

coreen! yes...i am back in school. i am usually at the gcb most of the time, and if iʻm not in there, im in the library...surprising huh? yes...the workouts have been pretty good. not as consistent as i would like, but iʻm seeing some progress. i read about yours...good job. iʻm probably gonna try to work out in the gym more as well. me and tonga started the slim in 6 program, and it is kicking our butts!

Darius T. Williams said...

An adventurous life, huh? Well, go ahead with your bad self.

E said...

Wow...I can't believe you spontaneously drove to Key West, FL from St. Louis. That's definitely adventurous. I can be spontaneous but usually need a little planning...speaking of which I so need to plan what I'm doing once I'm in Hawaii.