Friday, September 05, 2008

Pre Writing the Weekend

I'm so glad its the weekend. For some reason, even though we had the Labor Day holiday, this week seemed to drag on and on.

I've been so busy all week long. I'm ready to relax into the weekend. Maybe I'll go hang at the beach on Saturday morning. It would be really nice to take a nice walk on the beach. The sand makes my feet so nice and soft. Then I can finish off with a nice swim in the ocean. The swim almost always cleanses my sinuses and gives me a nice, deep brown, natural tint on my skin. Gotta love that!!

I'm in desperate need of a spa day. I would love to go to the nearest spa, Turtle Bay, and get a nice massage and an exfoliant scrub or something. The papaya enzyme body polish sounds absolutely delicious.

I would like to finish off Saturday by going to dinner somewhere nice. Not too upscale. Maybe something like Bubba Gumps. Husband has been wanting to go there and so have I. (All this name dropping you'd think I was getting paid for it.)

Ahh... but I think all of that is just a dream. Husband has other plans in mind which I already agreed to so I can't renege now. I think we're spending our weekend at the Waikele Outlet Mall. Husband wanted something specific from out that way. Me... I think I need some new running shoes and there's a Sports Authority out there.

Husband and I have been so consistent with our workout regiment. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday -- we do a walk/jog of three miles. Tuesday, Thursday -- husband pumps iron and I do Tae-Bo. Sunday is a day of rest and we FULLY indulge! So that's what my weekend is looking like. What's on your plate this weekend?


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Darius T. Williams said...

Sounds like a full, I have nothing going on. I'll be doing my homework - yay!