Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been really busy at work. I haven't been able to write as often as I would like. I have at least a dozen posts that I'm working on but nothing finished enough to publish.

With my exercise regiment that husband and I have been working on, I have uncovered many of my own little personality quirks that I'm not very fond of. Maybe it's the purging of my physical body manifesting also in my soul. I honestly think that's what it is and I'm very glad that I'm young enough to make all the adjustments so that my life is harmony. Our bodies, when reaching crisis level, will set off timers. They manifest in heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes and any of the diseases you can think of. Disease is an imbalance in some area of our life. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual. Putting all of that in alignment is what makes us WHOLE again. And well -- I need to be whole and live in a harmonious way, full of love and compassion.

One of the personality quirks I uncovered about myself is that I have become such a prude. I get up on my soap box anytime something offends my moral beliefs and argue about it until someone declares me winner or walks away. The me in the old days used to let things just roll off me. I've gotten to the point where I have NO sense of humor and that's not happiness, harmonious or joyous.

The other evening, I watched comic view on BET or the new one... can't remember what its called. Anyway that evening the show featured Finesse Mitchell. I laughed so hard. I haven't laughed like that in so long and it felt so good. After some snooping on google, I found out he used to be on Saturday Night Live. Wow! Didn't know it. So shout out to Finesse for putting a giggle in belly and lettin' my feel-good endorphins run wild.

I want to be the old me who had a big laugh and a glorious sense of humor and wouldn't let nothing under my skin. Now I'm such a prude and have to find that balance before I make myself sick. So I have a request -- tell me something funny in the comment section. It can be a joke, a picture, a website with something funny on it. Make me laugh!


Ui said...

oh! i have the perfect story!!!! so greg just got in the other day and told me how he sat next to this rolled up jean short wearing, turquoise danlgly earring sporting, stinky, hairy, hippie, fafa on the plane ride over. that alone made me laugh. but the BEST was that when the flight attendant came by them to hand out the agricultural forms, she only gave one to that guy. so greg goes,

"excuse me. can i get one?"

flt. att.: two aren't together?


greg: NO!

flt. att.: oh...sorry.

fafa: but thanks for asking!!!

hahahahaha. i hope that cheers you up for today. i know we all need a little laughter to make our day that much better. luv ya cuzzie!!!

p.s. kudos on the working out. i've been slacking this week cuz our ward conference has been keeping me occupied. but now that i have my student i.d. i can work out in the gym again! woo hoo!

Darius T. Williams said...

Aw - it's okay...see, the first thing to changing who you are is to discover who you're doing just that. It's good - now you're knowledgeable and have the power to do what's best for you.