Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Snoring, Ugly, Instantly,Truly, Far-Fetched, yada yada yada

I'm sitting here with earphones on, Whitney sangin' her butt off... "Didn't We Almost Have It All"... and I can stilllll hear hubby SNORING away. lol...

This is what it's about. Being so comfortable with someone... comfortable enough for him to reveal to me, just today, that people used to call him ugly.

I couldn't ever think that of him. I was instantly attracted to him when we first met. INSTANTLY! But even if I didn't think he was the handsomest man on the planet... his soul is so beautiful.

I trust that he will lead me righteously into eternity. I trust that we were TRULY made for each other, in this moment, at this time and for however long we were meant.

He supports my EVERY endeavor, no matter how far-fetched he might think it is. **sigh** I'm lucky. Truly blessed!

I love that when I go to bed -- he's ALREADY waiting for me... if not, already asleep. He is the best present I have ever gotten.... and I trust that God sent him to me to clear away ANY misconceptions about love, faith, honor and commitment.

My life has only blossomed since he entered my world. Like his soul prods me ever so gently into light, love, knowledge and truth. And he is completely oblivious to his effect on me.

Tomorrow I get to wake up next to him. For that, I thank God.


Anonymous said...

wow! you are blessed! with a beautiful man and beautiful words.

Cheryl said...

Ok, here's me...uber jealous. Bless you girl. Love is a gift.

Miriama said...

awwwww! so cute:) for all time and eternity..wink..

rOrO datz meeh!