Saturday, April 22, 2006

County Workers

Today was an experience.

Mid day... husband and I went to get my drivers license. Since I live wayyyyy out in the country, we have to drive at least an hour in any direction to get to a place that issues drivers licenses. **sigh**

I've put off getting my replacement license out of EXTREME laziness. LOL... When I did the Great Aloha Run a couple months ago, someone broke into the car I rode in and stole my lil wallet. It included cash, credit cards, drivers license, social security card, etc. etc. This was right before my trip to Europe. Sucks, don't it?! Anyway... like I said, I've been meaning to replace that damn license.

So I get to the DMV in Pearl City. The first woman that helped me at the window told me I'd have to retake the drivers test and the written test. Mind you, I already called and dude said he could help me out and look up my license number. So I get outta the line and think up some kinda magic to get this done.

I go back to the window. It's a different woman. I explain to her my dilemma and tell her my sob story. I show her my passport. She rejects me and tells me that I need a social security card. I'm HIGHLY irritated because of my interaction with the first woman.... and now this woman is gonna reject me too. I swear both women that I dealt with enjoyed a sick pleasure by rejecting folks at the window.

So I drive another 30 minutes to Wahiawa DMV... trying my luck at a different spot. Now the woman at this DMV was wayyyy more personable. I told her my sob story and she was slightly compassionate.... I mean, she looked up my Kansas license. She even looked up my old Hawaii license. She even gave me the lil eyesight test. But in the end -- she rejected me!

Uhhhh.... I dealt with four different county workers. One on the phone. Two women at the Pearl City DMV and a woman at the Wahiawa DMV.... and you know what???? They were ALLLLL inconsistent. The only one that gets an E for effort is the last woman.

I HATE county workers! They suck!!

Needless to say -- I gotta go back on Monday with all the correct paperwork and FINALLY handle this.

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ShellyP said...

That's one thing I hate about dealing with companies in general and gov't agencies in particular - it's so hard to get a consisten answer on how to get something done.