Saturday, April 29, 2006


I was over at ShellyP's blog and she has these cute pics of her pregnant self up. Isn't that the most amazing thing in the world?

It has been so hard for me to verbalize... but... I am having the toughest time conceiving. It's out there! I've said it now... I guess I am admitting that I have a problem.

Doctors say I'm not ovulating and they have the PERFECT drug to kickstart that process. I'd rather not put anymore chemicals in my body but we'll see what happens within the next couple of months.

So why have I had such a tough time of even admitting that I have a problem? Well, I guess it's because pregnancy and bearing children is a rite of womanhood. That's how I see it and I've become somewhat insecure as to my inability to cross that threshold. Does it mean I'm less of a woman? Probably not. **shrugs**

However, from what I'm hearing, I'd like to EXPERIENCE that INSTANT love that a woman feels when she finds out she is WITH CHILD. **heavy sigh**

Pray for me, yall.

Tell me about your pregnancy stories. Maybe it might rub off on me. **big smile**


Aziza said...

I'm at an age where I feel the need to have kids as well. The problem is that I don't even have a hubby yet, but I'm working on that.

But sister, I will pray to the Good Lord that He will bless you with "bundles of joy" and bring all the happiness that you and your husband's hearts desire. Kids are definitely gifts from God.

Unknown said...

One of the plagues of imperfection. I hope what you try works, and you can get to enjoy the joys of motherhood.

SistaGirl said...

I feel you on admitting to having a problem. I was an avid believer that I absolutely could not get pregnant and then ,in Gods time, it happened. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience when you're ready for it. Having a child will completely change a life, for better or worse...

Well I wish you the best and prayers from mine to yours girl..

Nice blog :-)

Cheryl said...

No prego stories for me Neena. Just wishes for luck and blessings and continued grace. I've been forewarned about fertility issues from a major abdominal myomectomy I had about about two years ago. I've been told to expect difficulties, but I've also heard so many inspirational stories that I know one thing to be true.

Ask God. Believe. And Don't worry. All things are possible. Miracles happen every day. Look at you. Look at me. We are all miracles.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

No pregnant tales right now...all I know is everytime someone dreams of Fishies.... I'm usually the one who's late. LoL

I can say this much, when that day comes, you'll know. It won't be Gramma's dream, and it won't be the EPT, you'll just know in your heart, and in the mirror. There's always something different that shows in our faces when we haven't realized we're with child.

In God's time, you're going to make a wonderful mother. *hugs*

chase said...

I dunno about the instant love. Jessicas dad made my life a living hell and made usre i didn't enjoy my pregnancy. I do remember that I liked how people treated me, like a delicate piece of glass. Just don't "worry" about it, they say it can hinder conception....just enjoy yourself and relax. :)