Thursday, January 26, 2006

Responses To YOUR Comments

this post is in response to those who commented on my last entry.

@ hassan... thank you for your kind words. i see my ex as God intended him to be and it will always be that way.

@professorgq... wow... i like being a beautiful soul in your eyes! i COULD have been upset but nothing productive could ever come of it.

@harpo... i would take that as being a positive force in HIS life. even if you didn't end up with him, the both of you are probably as he said, BETTER PEOPLE.

@mocha... A Beautiful Mind was the God's honest truth at that EXACT moment. i TRULY love beautiful minds!!! don't you?

@aziza... strength of character. i love that! thank you!!

@NYABG... forgiveness will come when YOU let it. my trick for "getting over" is just not looking back at what happened and not looking forward to what coulda been.

@shellyp... i LOVE you too!! i really do. it's so weird how we can be so much an observer of someone else's life and feel totally connected. the next time i make it out to florida... i'm barging in on you. :-)


ShellyP said...

I can't wait for you to get here!

T said...

have you found solace(soul-ace) yet?

The Brown Blogger said...

I'm finding out that poeple are how God intended to deliver his message...

There was a reason, and I see you understood that one loud and clear.

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