Friday, September 30, 2005

What If?

What if I was twenty-something in the 60's?

People Get Ready is playing in the background

Where would I have been?

I'd have been in the crowd watching Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver his famous "I Have A Dream" speech.

I'd mourn the assassination of Malcolm X and praise the God that blessed us with him.

I'd have protested the Vietnam War... as many times as I could.

People Get Ready fades into Give Peace A Chance

Where would I have been?

I'd have been curled up in a bomb shelter somewhere preparing for nuclear chaos. I'd have witnessed the Cuban missile crisis.

I'd watch the country mourn the assassination of JFK then later his brothers' assassination.

I'd have been on the front lines of feminism. And witness the birth of the "pill".

Give Peace A Chance fades into Soul Man

Where would I have been?

I'd witness the rise and fall of The Black Panthers.

I'd see with my own eyes Thurgood Marshall sworn into the supreme court.

I'd watch a man walk on the moon... supposedly.

Soul Man fades into What's Goin On

Where would I have been?

Watching Stokely Carmichael and the Black Power movement emerge!

I'd cry tears of joy when Muhammad Ali rejects the draft.


I can't believe I missed all the turmoil and all the passion.

So tell me folks.... what else happened in the 60's that I missed? Where would you have been?


Ddot the King said...

Wow what a great post. It actually made me think of what it would've been like to be around during those historic moments. Again, great post!

The Brown Blogger said...

Living in chicago, I would've protested with Abby Hoffman in 68'.

One problem, Dr. King's assassination caused riots on the south and west sides. As a 20 something man in the early 90's, there are still vacant lots and rubble that exist from 1968.

I would have mourned the deaths of Jimi, Otis and Janice. I would have seen James and the Famous Flames live at the Regal Theater.

Nina MM said...

I would probably be in Chicago, a member of Mosque Maryam, and a devoted member of the Nation of Islam under the tutelage of Malcolm X and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I would be making bean pies, and stockpiling survival items, selling navy bean soup for side coins, and sewing my little FOI and MGTs uniforms for Sunday meeting. My Dress 19 would be pristine white; my pearl earrings jutting out my head covering, accentuating the natural glow that comes from eating one meal a day, and fasting once a month. I'd be admiring my husband, as he drilled with his team, and sold Muhammad Speaks on the corner. An example of Godly submission and familial responsibility. Barely 25.

Yeah. That's where I'd be. said...

i woulda been in san francisco, rockin my afro wearing peace signs on my hands, prolly smokin on something, thinking im gonna take over the world. lol..

Chele said...

Sometimes I feel as if I was born in the wrong era, too.

chase said...

damn @ nina, lol. I would have been rockin some bell bottoms, living in Newakr, NJ.....I would have lived through the riots (that still show in that city) where my best friends mom was killed by the pigs....I would have marched for women's rights and grew weed on my communal farm and had 2 husbands, lol

Byebye said...

I've been thinking about this for a few days. I would've been somewhere blazin maaaad trees wondering when is all this shit gonna cease. I loved this post. It was so deep that I had to wait a few days to come up with the profound answer that I the way...Hey, I hope all is well; keep shinin.

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