Monday, September 26, 2005

Angels & Demons : My Final Word

**Warning: If you've never read the book and plan on reading it... you might not want to read my final word.**

My final comment on this book: "Don't believe the HYPE!"

This novel is not something I'd usually be interested in. I know my first post about this book hinted at me enjoying the author's writing. I change my mind! However, he does have a few pages in there that are worth reading... no, never mind... the entire book was mumbo jumbo about catholocism and science, illuminati and wild chases around Rome and the Vatican. The only reason I kept at it was because I thought there'd be a wonderful payoff at the end. Don't believe the HYPE.

The story was simple yet complicated. Simple because you knew what HAD to happen to progress to the next event. Complicated because the author complicated the story with the event. Everything was predictable. And did I tell you that the MAJORITY of the book is based on a 24-hour period? That is ONE.LONG.RUN.ON.SENTENCE.

The main characters, Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, are on a chase to prevent the murder of four key cardinals that are up for the papacy. The clues on this chase are found in classic art. Some of the connections the author made with the art were so far fetched and beyond belief. For me, part of reading a novel is imagining that the fiction is REALITY. That just didn't happen with any of the events. It was COMPLETELY unbelievable. One of the most absurd EVENTS happened to be one of the FINAL events in the book where the main character survives a free fall from a helicopter that was about three miles up. NO CHANCE.

I'm just really disappointed. Too many stories. Too many scandals. Too FAR FETCHED!

And the end! The end was soooo unworthy of the time I invested in reading. Sickening! I should have listened to myself and NOT bought the book.... borrow it, maybe! My final word... DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!


Zeezy4Sheezy said...

I totally agreed with you. I was interested after maybe the 1st 100 pages and then my interest started 2 wane

Glen said...

I was just the opposite in my thoughts I really enjoyed it but I guess that kind of thing interests me so it was a page turner for me.

Chele said...

That's one of the problems when you're writing a series. You have to outdo yourself and sometimes, you just can't.

Soulful Journey said...

I just finished the book Angels and Demons..... I read it because I was impressed with The DaVinci Code so I snooped around the Library to find out other works by him. It was a page turner, I was anxious to find out could they save the vatican and the other cardinals. I kind of figured things out when the camerlengo supposedly had a "divine intervention" and knew the whearabout of the antimatter. It was an "OK" book....I wouldn't put it in the same class as Da Vinci but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

chase said...

Still havent read the the time i get to either of these books, all the drama willbe

thanks for your take on the book.

I added you to my blog btw...I read yours just about every day anyway ::: cheese :::