Monday, September 12, 2005


Nothing stays pure.

We watch the rise in popularity of hip hop and know that her demise has been exploitaion. (Yes, Hip Hop is a she!)

We devour certain blogs because they are just.that.good... then lose interest once we realize that said blogger DID NOT write the entry just for you. It was written for the masses that are reading because the blog had been... exploited.

We marvel at musical masterpieces that we enjoy in some little known cafe.... and think, "Damn, the world needs to hear him play the piano and sing as he does." Then when they get that million dollar deal... they're exploited and we move right along... looking for that PURE sound, again.

Art and expression have been robbed by exploitation. But who wants to remain a starving artist? However, we often tell ourselves that we'd never sell out for money. We write because it is PURELY our thoughts! We rhyme and flow because it is PURELY our thoughts. We make beautiful music because it is PURELY our thoughts... and when the first opportunity for exposure comes along, we submit to it OR do we remain a starving artist?

We rationalize by saying that we want to express to the world, our thoughts. But if someone else is footing the bill for your creative expression then, ultimately, THEIR thoughts are YOUR thoughts. Am I wrong?

It's like finding a fresh water spring on your property, that is yours ALONE to enjoy... then someone coming along and selling rights to the water.... and now you get the money but you get zero satisfaction when it comes to enjoyment. SICKENING!!!

Rest in peace, purity! Exploitation has robbed, maimed and murdered you!


Anonymous said...

Deep. I don't find anything else to say. That was deep.

Byebye said...

Eye agree sweetie. Amel Larrieux ask the question, "isn't there anything sacred anymore?"

And now you touch this pivotal topic.

Everything is so corrupt now and there are always ulterior motives.

At times I find that my candidness can shake people up and at times I feel like dumbing down my message or sugar coating it but then I be like fugg it my nature is one of waking the spirit. My presence is a feather ruffler in itself so deal with my truth.

And at the same time I must deal with others. Its about strenght and weakness. One Love

chase said...

eye agree with eyeneye, purity takes on different forms, as a person, you my lose a lot of purity in certain ways, just from growing up and leaving your childish ways behind, but if as a wo/man you can be true to yourself, speak you ind, accentuate your communcations skills and still make your world flow around you...that's purity.

A mother and her three kids, getting them clothes and fed, school and homeworked, and fed and bed,,,,,,the's pure. Purity of self i think comes when your ready to be honest with yourself and with others....when you open your mouth on some bullshit, but stop right bfore you say it? You're on your way. Instead of listening to someones bullshit and agreeing to it or aggreeing to disagree....fuck that disagree and give 10 resons why you disagree. You're coming along...closer and closer to purity. (sorry I was so long winded) peace

Cheryl said...

damn girl...damn. You just made me remember why the best things in life are usually secrets.

Chele said...

Neena....WE corrupted that ish. What does that say about us?

You have me cracking up over here, chase! lol

Eyeneye? You gonna update your blog soon? *grinning*

Amadeo said...

I said the same thing to someone a while ago...we ruin things but moreso business ruins art, they don't mix

Nina MM said...

Exposure is a co-conspirator in the demise of purity too, yanno? Don't let exposure off the hook.

Call it what you want, but if I've stumbled across a new music artist, my friends can tell you that I may only reveal my muse after I've become satiated. Why? Because if track 10 opens my mind like a door and track 3 is the lyric and melody to my turmoil, I'm going to be exceedingly irritated if they tryna pump track 6. Oooh, girl. That's my song! Track 6 is some shit. I wish I had never told you about him. Ugh.