Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fiction : Angels & Demons

I started reading Angels & Demons, by Dan Brown, the author of The DaVinci Code.

I bought the paperback version on Saturday at K-Mart. My sister-in-law highly recommended the book. She said she couldn't put it down and absolutely DID NOT want the book to end. Another friend of mine said the same thing. So, I have to investigate the hype.

Lately, all I've been reading is non-fiction. This novel is perfect for me to transition back to fiction. Plus, I want to read The DaVinci Code because I hear it's coming out in theatres soon.

So I'm on page 52, chapter 15. So far, it's been an "okay" read. There's been a murder. The corpse has been branded with "illuminati". The corpse happens to be a physicist at a super secure, secret hide-away of the worlds top physicists.

The story definitely piques my interest. More than likely, I'm interested because of the way he rights rather than the content. Does that make sense? I mean, he could be talking about 'how to make a pb&j sandwich' and I think I'd be into it.

So has anybody else read it?
What were your thoughts on it?


Byebye said...

First time hearing about it...but thanks for putting me on.

Chele said...

I've heard of it. If it's anything like the code....folks will be spouting it like its gospel.

Nina MM said...

I have it in hardback. It's sitting on my shelf, collecting dust. Maybe I'll pick it up this weekend and try to read it.

If I'm successful, I'll holler back.

chase said...

Not yet, still want to read the Code, let me know if you eventually like it. I need to go ahead and get both.

Glen said...

I have read both it and the Code and enjoyed them both greatly. It was pretty much along the same lines and the Code I learned a lot from it.