Monday, March 12, 2007

That's So Raven

I hate that I know things without having any hard evidence.

Sometimes, I'll be sitting quietly somewhere and suddenly just KNOW something. It's like the TV Show, That's So Raven... knowledge just comes to me.... suddenly and abruptly. It's hard to have the burden of knowing truth because the flip side is KNOWING when someone is lying.

I can hear conversations with no one around me. And I don't actually hear voices. In fact, the only voice I hear is my own. However, it could be a couple hours later or days or even weeks... and snippets of the conversation I heard comes right back to me and I instantly KNOW what's next. This is the hard part... and the part where the lying happens. When that person deviates from what is supposed to happen. I have never been wrong. If they deviate from it and I tell them different. They get a shocked look on their face then deny it.

The truth ALWAYS comes to light.

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Shai said...

I understand completely. I have had things happen where if I were to tell folks, they would think I am crazy. I had a dream with premonitions of me getting my job back in my old office. I had like 3 dreams months apart. Now 10 months after being laid off, I am back to the same spot. LOL. It is dejavu. I freeze and cringe when I get a dejavu moment cause I forget what happens next sometimes. LOL.