Monday, March 12, 2007

What's The Point?

Maybe it's the voyeur in me but I'm highly irritated by the number of blogs I usually read that are now labeled --> YOU MUST BE INVITED BY THE AUTHOR TO VIEW THIS BLOG.

Isn't the whole point of blogging to put your opinions and ideas in the atmosphere on a worldwide platform?? Maybe it's just me... **shrugs** ...that want's to have my opinions out there.

For those who do, in fact, have your blog set to private -- WHAT'S THE POINT?


The Brown Blogger said...

Most of them folks have rubbed a loved one the wrong way via blogging and now feel guilt about speaking freely.


Shai said...

I know some folks have stalkers, annoying posters, folks who know them outside of the blog world who get too nosey or upset. So they restrict their blog to avoid drama and stress.

ShellyP said...

People start blogs for different reasons. I originally started so I could keep family and friends updated. Then I started getting comments from other people and I visited their blogs (me and you go way back :) ) and my purpose expanded.

It irks me too when I visit a blog I've been reading for a while (and commented on) only to find I've been locked out. Maybe I missed the warning before it was switched?? Oh well.