Monday, August 29, 2005


Church service was awesome today. I know I was gonna continue my "purging" from yesterday but... well... I had to bring the church up in here TODAY!!! **giggles**

So preacher man talked about the prophet, Elisha. Particularly about healing a Syrian captain of leprosy as found in 2 Kings Chapter 5.

This Syrian captains name is Naaman. The maid to Naaman's wife says to her mistress:
"Would God my lord were with the prophet that is in Samaria! for he would recover him of his leprosy."
The maid is of the land of Israel.

So the king of Syria sends Naaman with silver and gold and fine clothing as payment to be healed by this prophet of Israel, Elisha. When Naaman arrives at Elisha's house. Elisha sends a messenger out saying that Naaman must dunk himself seven times in the river Jordan and he will be healed. (The river Jordan is not exactly the cleanest river.)

Naaman, puffed up in pride, is offended that Elisha hadn't even spoken to him or hadn't taken the time to meet him. So he went away completely ENRAGED. Naaman's servants told him:
"Why are you angry? If the prophet had asked you to do something great, wouldn't you have done it? Yet the prophet is only asking you to do a simple thing by washing in the river."
Naaman understood what they were telling him and he took himself to the river and dunked himself seven times and was made clean.

So preacher man began to talk about OBEDIENCE being the first law of heaven. OBEDIENCE! I thought it was quite appropriate and I was highly EDIFIED today by what he had talked about. So I just thought I'd share it.


Ms. B said...

Neeeenaaaaa! that is soooo true... I am always saying that... we wanna depend upon our experiences when what God REQUIRES is our obedience! Bless you!

Chele said...

Yeah....what Ms. B said. We can't live filthy and expect to be rewarded with white robes.