Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I Hate....

I hate the way we fight.
I hate how I am affected by our arguments.
I hate that I notice EVERY negative comment.
I hate that I know I'm not an idiot but am manipulated to feel like one.
I hate how there is NEVER an apology.
I hate that there is never neutral ground after an argument.
I hate that I ALWAYS submit just to keep the peace.
I hate that MOST about me.... that I ALWAYS submit.
I hate when I cry while we're in battle mode.
I hate it because it means I am angry and I am weak.
I hate that I can NEVER express myself quite right when I'm angry.
I hate the reasons for our fights.
I hate that even when I'm free flowing, I still never blame you...
I hate that even when no one is looking, I'm still blaming myself.
I hate knowing that tomorrow, this argument won't even matter.
I hate knowing that tomorrow, nothing will have changed.
I hate knowing that today, tomorrow and for as long as you'll have me... I'll still be loving you...


Sista K said...

I feel the pain in this sis....keep the faith...you are such good people

Anonymous said...

I go through this same thing at my home. You are not alone. Stay strong Love. You are a rare jewel