Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Falling Dollar

China Cuts Currency Link to U.S. Dollar

I hope you read the article above. It may seem like mumbo jumbo which is why I encourage you to get financially educated. Be prepared in ALL arena's of your life. Physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc. Why ignore any area of your life in hopes that another will save you?

I was discussing in a Yahoo Group a couple of weeks ago about China and their role in the American economy. The rise in the yuan means the fall of the U.S. dollar. Yes... the dollar will fall and fall and fall... and it WILL affect the U.S. economy adversely.

The Federal Reserve was instituted to "control" the economy more effectively. Yet they have successfully presided OVER every single stock market crash since its inception. Go figure. This just might be your wake up call to do "something". Run screaming through the halls of congress that you'd like to end "fiat" currency. If you don't know about fiat currency... once again... you better go read about it.

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