Sunday, July 17, 2005

Someone Else's Archives

I been diggin' in folks BLOGS...
Forgive me for cheating today... and for being a huge thief... and for not being original enough to write my own shit.... but we all have our favorite ENTRIES... here are some of mine.

Today's reader content is BORROWED!

This post STILL stirs me... the way ONLY Brutha Free can **giggles**... WAIT ON ME.

Real Women Have Men... love this post! It's true, I tell ya!

Who is she to you?... you really have to read this one. Also, it would be utterly INCOMPLETE if you didn't read the comments. So take ya butt to the comment section as well. There's a whole blog happening in the comment section. LOL. His writing is just LIKE THAT!

I was moved to tears by this post... Broken Stories. Sometimes I think the world has "moved on" (Read Stephen King's Dark Tower series to get the full effect of "moved on") and progressed to something greater... but it hasn't. The human condition still worships POWER.

Some bloggers have such an effect on people where you find that their comment section is full of "add-ons".... and that there's a blog happening in the comment section. LOL. Damn, I Wish I Wrote That! The premise had me crackin' up. This entire post that I'm writing now is along the lines of, Damn I wish I wrote that!

I love a good love story... and here it is... After 9 Years....

Best & Worst allows you to reminisce... read it! It's kinda fun!

Something to think about here... The Slave Mentality

She has a baby inside her... how beautiful is that? Virgin Blogger

Well, hope you enjoy it all folks...


DeeDee said...

What's funny is i just wrote a short blog on if some bloggers were writers or something, cause some of the topics are very interesting and though provoking... I read some of the ones you suggested on a regular and it is hard for me to wait for the next post.. But I will go now and read some of the others i haven't heard of.Thanks for the suggestions. Great minds think alike.. *smile*

WIP said...

Okay. This is going to make for some good make-up reading. Thanks for "snooping" and sharing *wink*.


Bullet Proof Diva said...

awww, Neenabeena!!

You are TOO kind, dahlin!! tee hee

I am going to check out the ones that I haven't already..for the most part, we are on the same blog road!!

thanks a bunch!

Chele said...

Actually, that was just as interesting as anything else. But then again, I'm a blog hopper so it was right up my alley. lol

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