Friday, June 10, 2005

Went On A Date Today...

Okay... so husband and I went on a date today. **giggles** At least I thought of it in that manner. I don't know if he was thinking along the same lines. LOL. It was actually a double date. A friend of mine, Summer and her husband, Fred were out and about and called us to meet up with them. I'm so grateful for REALLY good friends.

So our lunch date began at Assagio's Ristorante Italiano... Atmosphere was nice. Lunch traffic was almost gone. No overpowering smells like most mid-price restaurants. You couldn't hear ANYTHING going on in the kitchen. It was nice. It's been years since I've eaten there. I had this chicken dish that I couldn't pronounce. It was yummy. The chicken was sauteed with anchovies and chili peppers and served with fettucine and a tomato sauce.

Conversation ranged from the upcoming Soprano's season... Adriana? Dead or Alive?... to conspiracy on what REALLY happened with a family that have suffered numerous deaths, back to back to back in our little neighborhood. LOL. I really enjoyed myself.

We headed to a movie about an hour after lunch. We watched "Cinderella Man". Everybody seemed to have enjoyed it. I guess it was good. But you kinda ALREADY know what's gonna happen. You know it's a boxing movie. You know, according to the title, it's going to be victory for an underdog. So you know how it ends before the movie even begins. All in all though, it was worth my time and my money.... it was a matinee.... so I didn't pay full price. LOL...

So now here I am blogging... cuz well... that's just how it goes. I end my day sitting at this computer either reading blogs, writing in my blog OR playing spider solitaire. I have yet to master the 4-suit level.


dr. koko said...

sounds like you had a fun time. going out with special people is always nice, evn if your hubby may not have seen it as a "date." and you're right, it is good to have REALLY good friends. cherish 'em!

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Anchovies and chicken.... hmmm...okay. If you say it's good, I'll take you at your word. LOL I have to remember that the next time I go to Olive Garden or something.

I'm looking forward to 'dating' my husband again. Thanks for the preview.

WIP said...

Me and the hubby were to have a date tonight, but alas, the inclement weather had us stay inside and turn down our baby-sitting offer. She offered to come tomorrow evening; the weather is supposed to be the same. We. Had. Fun. ... after the kiddies were fast asleep! I want. No, I need, to laugh and told him I wanted to see the Honeymooners. I also have a propensity to see a flick when it first hits the big screen. I know. Most people rather wait for the "hype" to die down. I don't want yall busy bloggers to go ruin it for me LOL.

Great "Couple friends" (what me and DH call 'em) are so hard to come by. We all end up living in our own little bubbles and don't come out for air (at least that's what happens to us and them when we do get a chance to connect we have "reasons" for not staying connected). During hurricane season and power outages, we end up "connecting" though, cause somebody liable to have power and food, while the other doesn't. That's when the fellowship begins, card (Spades) playing, board games and all.

Thanks for sharing.

Systa Soul said...

Aw ... a date with your husband ... SWEET!

Spyder Solitaire is ADDICTIVE!! Be careful. lol.

NeenaLove said...

@koko... thanks for stopping by!

@tiki... girl... i LOVE me some anchovies... so when does hubby get back?

@proactiff... i have a few "couple friends"... which i am THOROUGHLY grateful for.

@systa soul... **sigh** girl... that dang spider solitaire has me hooked.