Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm Your Pusher!

Okay folks... I been thinking about this for a couple weeks now and I'm still trying to make sense of it. Pull up a chair... stay awhile... and help me think this through .

Does society CREATE problems to become the solutions?

Let's take a look at ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder... or something like that). When did this "disorder" appear? As soon as the medical circles talked about it, along came RITALIN.

Prior to this so called "disorder", a hyper child was nothing out of the norm. There were NO drugs to deal with the disorder and all the world was fine. Ritalin enters the scene, doctors prescribe it, now we have drug addicted children.
"Today there are more children taking Ritalin and amphetamine from doctors than from the illegal pushers. Does a drug become "safe" simply because it is prescribed by a doctor? Does "pushing" drugs on children become legitimate simply because it is done by drug manufacturers?" ~~Peter R. Breggin, MD
Folks, I'd really like you to take a look at this site.

Thinking through the whole ADHD story, I have one conclusion: the pharmaceutical company has created the problem to become the solution. FACT: Amphetamines can be prescribed by a doctor. Any other use is illegal. When has it ever been OKAY to give a child crystal meth or speed or acid? Include ritalin on that list since it is ALSO an amphetamine. The only difference is... crystal meth, speed, acid are distributed by your local drug dealer and ritalin... your local family doctor. Yes folks... there is NO DIFFERENCE.

Look out now... Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is out there as well. Read through the symptoms. If you experience 10 or more symptoms then you probably have adult ADD. **cracking up** If this is TRULY the case then EVERYONE suffers from the disorder. Wait, I just forgot what I was about to write. Blame my Adult A-D-D!

You know what comes next. You have been diagnosed. Instead of waiting for the doctor to prescribe some amphetamines to you... see your neighborhood pusher. I'm sure he'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to provide for you whatever your needs call for. You don't have to wait to see the doctor. Nope. Your pusher will have it for you ON DEMAND. No more calling in that prescription to the pharmacy and waiting 24 hours. I'm telling you... your pusher will be at that corner waiting JUST FOR YOU!

It's a success! The drug companies are a success! They have successfully marketed their product by creating the problem then becoming the solution.


Cheryl said...

Okay, this post is scary. I was just talking about the Adult ADD thing. I have to look into this site...very cool.

Thanks for some heavy thought this morning! **RPM**

WIP said...

That just joins the ranks of all the other things that the 'gubment' does to keep us addicted and down. You are on the mark with this one.


Chele said...

Reading some of those drug interactions/precautions alone would send you into cardiac arrest.

I have a hard time taking VITAMINS because I know what these folks do and it ain't no joke.