Monday, June 13, 2005


the site is kinda interesting....


WIP said...

Wo. That was very interesting. What do you think about the site? Thanks for sharing it. So, what do people do, post comments and then the site editor puts graphics to it?

Systa Soul said...

Girl, I went to this site ... WONDERFUL! I'm going to send a post card too.

Bullet Proof Diva said...

oh I found it a few weeks ago and there are some amazing post cards on here, thought-provoking!

(Thanks for reminding me, I lost the url for it.)

Anonymous said...

it is a very interesting site. how honest are we - even to ourselves. really? it's not easy.

Anonymous said...

Hi NeenaBeena!

I had seen this posted on various other blogs, but wasn't really moved to check any of the other postcards out until I saw that one about 9/11.

Whoa. Can you imagine? I bet there are more than a few people out there that took the opportunity to just pick up and start new lives elsewhere--regardless of the families they were leaving behind.

I adore your blog, girl! Miss you in Ebz!

Peace & Love,

NeenaLove said...

@proactiff... i think there's a link that tells you the instructions on HOW to submit your own "secret".

@systa soul... yeah... i think i have a secret i need to tell SOMEONE.

@wise dive... anytime, anytime!

@purfiktgurl... amen!

@pearlie... i'm so glad you came by. isn't that amazing? just starting ALL over again.

Chele said...

I see the other comments about how "interesting" the site is.

Am I the only one who was totally moved by it?

Maybe I should have kept that a secret.

NeenaLove said...

@chele... i was TOTALLY moved by it as well.