Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Neena Facts

1. My name is not really Neena but it is a nickname I picked up in high school.
2. I'm on my second marriage... already.
3. I have no kids of my own but I do have two step-children.
4. My first marriage was a big event. The second one... we eloped.
5. I love writing in my journal. Count this blog as one of them.
6. I was born and raised in Hawai'i.
7. I've lived in New Mexico, Kansas and Missouri.
8. I love the city of Atlanta and hope to own a home there one day.
9. The last movie I seen in a theatre was Diary Of A Mad Black Woman.
10. I enjoy rainy days!
11. I have too much hormones!
12. I love the ocean.
13. I love mountains.
14. The slowness of country life in Hawai'i is right on time for me.
15. I am very passionate about anything I'm passionate about.
16. I am a rape survivor
17. I collect anything that has green sea turtles on them. Not tortoises or land turtles! I like green sea turtles!!!
18. I have driven from California to Georgia.
19. I love homemade gifts and cards... especially if it's my birthday.
20. I have a dog named Sheba and she just had 8 puppies.
21. My favorite outfit is a pair of gray sweats and a black tank top.
22. I've always wanted to be taller.
23. I love people stories... which makes me a sucka for all these blogs.
24. I'm fat
25. I've been in love a million times and I don't intend to stop
26. I like my hair in its natural state -- bushy and all over the place. Folks say it makes me look unkept and sloppy but I love every curl and split end on my head.
27. I HATE make-up
28. I love pedicures
29. I don't like acrylic tips on my nails. My nails are always natural.
30. I can't shut up


Diva said...

Hey Neena...I think you look beautiful with bushy hair! LOL Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I really appreciate that. I haven't been making too many entries lately, which is quite odd for me, but my "blogarhythmic level" will definitely increase soon. ( I stole that from a friend of mine).
Love your blog sweetie! Come back soon.

NeenaLove said...

hey diva!! i LOVE LOVE your blog. and thanks for the hair comment. i absolutely love my hair that goes in every direction. LOL... it's all me.

LOL @ blogarhythmic... i fall into your writing. consider me a fan.

Byebye said...

You are definitely an survivor; evolutionarily and in the context of your life experience. You are on point. Your husband is blessed. In the words of Dougie Fresh, "Keep, keep...keep, keep riiiiiiiiiising to the top!"