Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Mirrors Image : Brutal Honesty

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It looks like I'm mean muggin' if I don't smile but really... my face just looks mean. It's not like I set out to have this mean look on my face. God made it that way. My father is the same way. Having that mean mugg has kind of been a blessing. I mean... folks are intimidated by my mean mugg and no one has tested to see if that mean mugg was just a front. I like it just like that cuz I'm really a peaceful person. At least I try to be. Confrontation is not really my thing.

When I look in the mirror... without the "from above" angle on pics... I got enough chins for me and my sister and my mama and her sisters. My face is fat which means I'm fat! Some days I don't mind and other days I just wanna hide under a really huge pillow.

My eyes are slanted and I kinda like that.... well... more accurately said... for now, I like my slant eyes. Catch me when I'm PMS'ing and the story might be told different. LOL.. The actual color of my eyes suits me just fine also. I don't match with blue, green or hazel eyes. The lashes could be a little thicker but I don't do the fake ones and the eyes are much too sensitive for mascara. The eyebrows... they're PERFECT! LOL. I hope I don't develop bags under my eyes. Thats thoroughly unattractive to me.

When I look at my face I see a big nose. I think the nose matches my big body and my huge, round face. It's not a nose that folks would get rhinoplasty for but it suits me. I remember this white dude said I had the hugest nose he has ever seen. Oddly enough, I wasn't offended because I love my nose. I seemed to have developed a little mole on the tip of my nose over the years. I know that wasn't there in high school. It kinda just creeped up on me.

When I look at my face... I see fat, chubby cheeks. Underneath all that fat somewhere are high cheekbones. Folks still pinch my cheeks like its the latest thing. **sigh** Get over it! You can't have the full cheeks.

The lips are okay. Could be a little fuller... but I'm trying to love what's already there.

Got a forehead but the hair hides the semi-shine beaming from it.

Facial Hair... Goodness gracious --> that is my curse! I pluck, wax and nair... and still can't keep up. Thank God for laser technology cuz one day soon I will be taking advantage of it! I am a hairy mutha... a "fur ball" as husband likes to call me. The euro blood that runs in my veins have cursed me!

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous! self love is the hardest - i'm struggling to love me as is.

chase said...

Hello beautiful, thanks for all the comments you've left on my blog, I've been a little crazy and just noticed them (did you leave them all at the same time? lol) Anyway, you're right, we do have a lot in common, much more than I could even go into here.

You're beautiful, nose, eyes, lips hair, don't even think twice about it sis. I'll be leaving more notes as I go thru your blog, but I look forward to hearing more from you. :)

Byebye said...

You are a statue. You remind me of the Olmec statues. They preceeded Aztec and Mayas..

Mahoganydymond™ said...

You still look the same to me... You are not mean at all..