Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pop-Up-3 - November 2013 Edition

Biggest Loser contestant, RUBEN STUDDARD, is my favorite male celebrity for November 2013. Called "The Velvet Teddy Bear" because of his beautiful voice coupled with his size... he is ALL THAT and then some. I remember when he was on American Idol, I was just thoroughly ENAMORED. The way he sang, the way the producers and directors portrayed him to be -- a romantic, soul-singing, lady's man! **sigh&swoon** I was sad when he got married and sadder when he got divorced just because divorce is hard. Now he's single and I'm married. The stars are not aligning for us to be together.

KIDDING... maybe in another universe we are happily married.

Project Runway contestant, KORTO MOMOLU, has got to be one of my most favorite designers ever on Project Runway. I am a fan of how she uses color and her designs. Her personality is also very zen-like and drama-free. I have to say that Season 12 winner, DOM STREATER, is another fave. Personality, style, usage of color and prints -- FABULOUS!!

He didn't change a thing for his show and it's kind of annoying. Oprah featured him on her show Next Chapter and he said that he left the first show to take care of his son. Ok... these are hard economic times in America and all us viewers have not been afforded that luxury. It's great that he took time off for all the right reasons but leaves a bad taste in my mouth that so many people are out of work and losing their homes, out of resources and getting laid off. Him coming back to the late night world is annoying especially since the jokes are the same, the format for the show is the same, even the set looks the same.

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