Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Operation: Vacation Alabama: Day 01

Direct flight.
HNL - ATL. 10 hours.
The on-flight entertainment is quite extensive. I enjoyed two episodes of my current obsession - The Good Wife. I watched Iron Man 3. I watched a couple of excellent TED talks. I eavesdropped on an 82-year old woman that was leaving Hawai'i to return to work. Vacation was over. Her son had just purchased a home in Kapolei and that it was beautiful. When I heard her say 82-years old and still working -- that got my attention. She was as chipper as can be and introduced herself to everyone that she made eye contact with and then proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation. It reminds me of my father, who will be 71 at the end of the month and he will probably be the same as that 82-year old woman. I hope to be as healthy as my father is when I'm his age. Heck, I wish I was as healthy as he is right now. **sigh**

As I waited for the flight in Honolulu, I had noticed a marine in her Class A uniform. I casually asked my husband if soldiers/marines/sailors/airmen have to travel in their Class A's. He was clueless. His reason was because he's been out of the military for nearly 10 years and a lot could have changed. Before we landed in Atlanta, the pilot announced that we were carrying the remains of Corporal Robert James Tate and he was being escorted by Lieutenant Amy so-and-so. The pilot disclosed the nature of Corporal Tate's death. He was a Prisoner of War whose remains were recently recovered in North Korea. I was so moved by the act. I instantly thought of all the political manipulation that is ever present through all generations of time. My heart went very tender in those moments as they unloaded the remains of Corporal Tate. Delta Airline employees drove a cart with a trailer covered with the American flag and moved Corporal Tate along. The ceremony was very moving and I'm grateful that I was able to witness it.

4 hour layover in Atlanta. The husband and I just people-watched. I was tired as heck but determined to stay up instead of falling asleep and having other people-watchers observe how terrible I looked. After 10 hours in flight, very little sleep while aboard, I was feenin' for a bed and some serious shut-eye. We had breakfast at BoJangles.

ATL - HSV. 1 hour. The flight was ridiculously empty and my husband was not trying to sit in his own row. Ugghh! So we were stuck together through the entire flight. I should have just moved to lay down in the row across him. Ahhh but it was only an hour so I guess it was fine.

Yep. It took 15 hours to get to Huntsville, Alabama. Roll Tide! Glad to be here

* * * * * * * * * *

In other news...
Husband is a federal worker and is on furlough since the boneheads in D.C. manipulate the heck out of us. Tulsi Gabbard released a statement saying she would not take her salary until this furlough fiasco gets figured out. I wish all members in the Senate and the House would do the same.

While I'm criticizing the government, I do have a high level of distrust for the leaders in D.C. Alllll the alphabet-suit agencies and the ever-expanding government makes me wanna throw up. Citizens need to wake up and realize the error of our leaders and the institution as a whole. If I had to put a label on my political ideals, I would lean toward being an anarchist, which makes this "government shutdown" a manifestation of my persuasion but..... well... I'm not as prepared as I think I am for a total government shutdown. First I need some guns. Then some food. My 72-hour kit is just not gonna work. I need a stable food supply and water supply. **sigh**

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