Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photo Blog: China Town, O'ahu, Hawai'i

Husband and I took a drive to China Town on our Memorial Day. I attempted going to the beach but it seems like EVERYONE on this island was on their way to the North Shore. It's a given... Memorial Day in Hawai'i equals clean the grave in the morning then cool off at the beach after. Sad to say, I didn't make it to my mom's grave but it's all good because I visit her grave often. I don't really need Memorial Day to pay her a visit.

So anyway - husband and I walked around China Town. It was very empty. I can't remember the last time I walked around there. Normally, I zip through with my windows rolled up in my air conditioned car. That's not living at all. I wanted to see the sights and smell the smells and hear all the noises that comes with China Town. So please enjoy the pictures of my visit to China Town.

I just love store fronts and the sidewalks. Some of the buildings are over a century old.

I love this red brick. This particular building is where The First Hawaiian Bank is housed.

I love this building. I love the "Wo Fat Chop Sui" sign.

Fabulous building. I noticed the air conditioning units hanging out of the windows.

There goes that gorgeous sign again.

I love the dragons all over China Town. Beautiful... indicative of the culture.

The colorful facade is gorgeous.

There are many  marketplaces throughout China Town. They were all fairly empty because of the Memorial Day holiday.

The high rise in the background is in such stark contrast to the older, low-rise building in the foreground.

There goes another high rise in the background.

Love the red posts.

Beautiful dragon!

Here is one of my favorite shots of the day... again, the contrasting high-rise buildings in the background with the old low-rise buildings in the foreground.

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