Sunday, February 17, 2013

Restaurant Review: Kiss My Grits

1035 University Ave
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 348-0626

Cozy and quaint restaurant;

Open seating - we sat at a Luau table outside of the building; the server came and asked us to move because a family wanted to sit there. That was NOT cool. If it was open seating then we should be able to sit where we want to. If not, then the server should seat us where they want us to sit before we get cozy.

AMBIENCE: casual. rustic. cozy.

SERVICE: **shrugs** Average service. Not something to write home about but they weren't rude.

Hubby ordered the chicken and waffles with two sides: Macaroni and Cheese & Collard Greens. He said the chicken had no flavor. The waffle was the best thing he ate on our visit there. The macaroni and cheese was really delicious on top. It was topped with slivers of fried chicken skin and some bacon. The greens must have been prepared in a health conscious way because there was no flavor. It is not authentic southern where the greens are prepared with ham hock or some kind of fat flavor.

I ordered the pork barbecue (pulled pork) with three sides: black eye peas, hush puppies, and cheesy grits. I also ordered macaroni and cheese and a biscuit. I wanted a sampling of everything because I was really craving Southern food and Barbecue. The biscuit was large and on the dry side. The apple butter that it came with was really good. I probably would have liked the biscuit to be warm so that when I put the butter on it, it melts.

The cheesy grits did not have any butter in it -- that's something I really enjoy about eating grits in the south is the butter and cheese. Southern food is about rich, full-fat flavors. I don't eat that way everyday but when I do want to indulge, Southern food is normally what I like. The grits was disappointing. Very under seasoned.

The macaroni and cheese was greasy and under seasoned. The macaroni was dry and not cheesy enough.

The black eye peas were decent but lacked fat flavor from ham hock or salt pork. It was missing that smoky flavor.

The hush puppies were perfect. It wasn't greasy and the batter was very delicious.

The pork was alright. I would have loved to have the ribs but they didn't have any. I would have also loved to eat some sausage but that wasn't on the menu. The two sauces that came with the pork left much to be desired.

The excellent thing about the food is the way they present it. It is really pretty on the plate! Overall though, the food was very under seasoned! The fried chicken was not fried to order. That sucks! Almost everything on the menu can be prepped and simmering on the stove so I don't know why they wouldn't drop the chicken into the fryer as needed.

PARKING: This is on University Ave @ Pucks Alley. Limited parking but the upside is that the restaurant validates - free for an hour. If you're going to linger longer, make sure you have money to pay for parking.

I don't know if I'll go back to this restaurant.

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