Sunday, January 22, 2012 TIRED of CONSUMERISM

I just started tuning in to TLC's Extreme Couponing and Extreme Cheapskates. I am completely amazed by how much money people save by using coupons. Extreme Cheapskates shows people who go to "extremes" to save a buck.

Who would have thought that would be inspiring?

It is.

I'm totally inspired to reduce consumption even though I'm such a toy-junkie. I love electronic toys. In my case, that would be my Apple/Mac products, my Nikon D5000 that I'm thinking about selling to upgrade to a Canon camera. The software that goes with the camera and picture editing; the software for my computers. The xbox and Nintendo Wii. I have a lot of toys. Do I really need all those things? I don't think I'm going to be unloading any of my electronics yet but I'm going to stop acquiring them. I don't need an iPhone. I don't need a new iMac. I don't need a new Macbook Pro. I'm dying to have a new camera but I don't need it.

I have a slew of books that I could get rid of. Should I? If there's anything that I drag around with me all the time, it's my books and my journals. **sigh**

I'm just tired of CONSUMING......

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