Thursday, May 19, 2011

Governor tackles questions from students

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Governor tackles questions from students

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Governor Abercrombie Unveils 90-day Homeless Action Plan

According to this article (click the link above), Governor Abercrombie suggests that social groups STOP feeding the homeless in the park. He calls feeding the homeless as "aiding and abetting" the homeless to remain in their current state. His reasoning, according to the article, is lacking in substance. May 17th, 2011 Abercrombie unveiled a 90-day action plan to eliminate the homeless from the streets. "Relentless," he calls it. Sounds void of compassion to me.

Abercrombie is creating a State Inter Agency Council on Homelessness to be implemented by Executive Order. More government! It makes my stomach turn. In a failing national economy, why are we increasing state-sponsored programs?

I am not happy with what this governor is doing. He was just elected in November 2010 and has already agreed to enslave encumber future tax payer dollars by supporting the rail, impose gay marriage on a population that already voted against it, and continues to create government programs further enslaving burdening the residents of Hawai'i. Why was he voted in?

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