Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 1: Narita, Japan

Arrived in Narita, Japan on Saturday afternoon. We left early Friday morning so we sacrificed an entire day because of the time zone changes. The good thing is that when we leave here on Monday, 730PM, we arrive in Honolulu on Monday, 630AM. Isn't that funny?! So, we get two Mondays.

First, let me comment on the flight to Japan. Husband and I copped seats in Business Elite. That is NOT First Class. It's better than First Class on Domestic Flights. Here are all the reasons:
  • The seats lay flat. Yes -- I repeat -- the seats lay flat and extends out from beneath to support your legs.
  • All movies, games, and music are on-demand
  • Delta provides you with slippers to wear, noise-cancelling ear phones, a small toiletries bag, a standard size, down feather pillow, and a full-size comforter.
  • They served two full meals with real silverware and glassware. 
  • The first meal was complete with an appetizers course, main course, and a dessert course
  • The second meal was a "pre-arrival" meal. It was breakfast. A very delicious breakfast.
Nearly everything here is done in Japanese and English (at least at the airport and the hotel shuttle). The language barrier is not too harsh. I wish I could post the pictures I took with my Blackberry but I'm not paying the international roaming charges on my phone. 

Tomorrow, I will definitely have my camera to capture all the beauty that I will find in Narita and Tokyo. I will post a few here and the bulk of it on Facebook.

The hotel we're at is OUTSTANDING and great for the price we got it for. The universe is truly abundant!


evotia said...

I swear ur living my bucket list!! Can't wait to see your pics!!

Ui said...

yay for business!!! still have yet to go to japan. only to paris in business and i don't wanna go any other way! lol. wanna do aussie??? planning on going for a friends wedding in a few months!

The Brown Blogger said...


The Songer said...

So glad you got to experience Business Elite, It's one of the things that makes working at an airline worth it! too bad they only do it on international flights!

Glad you're enjoying Japan, Don't you love the air there?