Thursday, January 14, 2010

House, Sweet House

Well, husband and I have moved into our apartment. This apartment is extremely large. It is a two bedroom-two bath and it could quite possibly be as large, if not larger, than my childhood home. I am loving that I'm in my own space again. $581 is the rent. Can't beat that! Seriously!

What I KNOW for sure is that the Creator/ the Universe gives me everything and more. Just think, I came to Alabama with one suitcase, one carry-on, and 15 boxes to my name. Husband and I sold or gave away EVERYTHING back in August. Furniture, TV's, Tempurpedic Bed, Appliances. We got rid of it all and came with nothing but our favorite books and all my personal diaries and half of our clothing. Now, I'm in my own space again having replaced everything that I left and sold four months ago.

This is the Creator that I know; one that gives without judging or qualifying me. Though I fought tooth and nail to remain in the islands, I know that I'm supposed to be here in Alabama at this time. Once I let go and let God, HE will provide the rest and HE has! I'm not materialistic at all but acquiring this STUFF is one of the manifestations that the "world" measures.

I don't even have a job yet and I have been nearly restored to my original standing. Amazing! Though it is nowhere near the islands of my birth (it's not home), it will do for now. I will FOREVER long for the islands no matter where I am in the world. Thank You God for the beauty of my life.


The Songer said...

Yay, Your own space! and that rent is ridiculous... its even cheaper than TVA!

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

Happy for you!