Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

It was pouring rain when I left my house this morning. I love the rain. It's so beautiful to look at and to listen to. For some strange reason, I get nostalgic about it. (Example: read In The Rain) It's like I get homesick when it begins to rain, but not just homesick for Hau'ula Park Place. It's a longing for somewhere else, perhaps in another lifetime or in the world before this. The Christopher Cross song, Sailing, has the same effect on me.

It rained throughout the entire bus ride to work, that wonderful, warm, Hawaiian rain and I thought about how much I'll miss it. I wonder if the rains in Alabama will have the same affect on me. I wonder if there are an abundance of rainbows there as there are here. Isn't it beautiful? (Enjoy the pic that I took with my camera phone this morning.)

Thank you for the rain. Water is life-giving and I miss it already. **heavy sigh**


Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

Coreen thanks for helping me notice and be more appreciative of all the little things God gives. Like I said, I really do admire how connected you are to your spirit, to nature, and to God!

The Songer said...

I drive really slow with the windows down after it rains... and just inhale deep breathes of the smell of the trees and plants and everything green that is in the air!!

I dont think I ever realized how much i enjoy it until I read this post! Thanks!

evotia said...

i love the smell of rain. i don't know about alabama.. but there are times when georgia rain reminds me of samoa. huge rain drops. i love that sound on the rooftops. it was great in samoa with all the tin roofs. beautiful pic!