Friday, July 24, 2009

Fasting... Magical!

All has settled in my world. Husband and I are definitely moving on but not to Vegas as I had originally desired. We're headed back to the beautiful South... Alabama, to be exact.

We've been battling about the topic of moving for the past month. Husband says the economic opportunity on the continent is bigger and better than this island rock could offer. He wants to be closer to his family and his children. I can dig his reasoning and logic. At first I didn't support it at all. Why uproot everything we've built, in the middle of America's worst economic depression in decades, without an established job waiting for us on the other end? It just didn't make sense to me. The old me, the me that was spontaneous, would jump at the opportunity of heading into the unknown.

The other day, I found myself fasting. Fasting for direction, fasting to gain my own comfort to make this move, fasting for strength to support my husbands decision. Toward the end of my fast, I had indeed become submissive to that spirit from the Most High. The direction I needed to go in became crystal clear. Thus, the change from Vegas to sweet home Alabama. I was a mess just a week or two ago (see two previous entries). Now, I feel free and I whole-heartedly support his decision and the direction he is taking us in. Only God/ Goddess knows how that works and how they put such a clear directive in me. My most humble gratitude to the Creator!

Though I'll miss my beautiful surroundings, at work, at home and everywhere I go on this island, I'm actually excited about this move. (Enjoy a couple pics I took with my camera phone, on my way to work.) Most of the time, it takes my breath away when I look at all the natural wonders. I contemplate my existence in this world and how truly blessed I am to be here, in this moment, enjoying the Creators artistry. I know, in Alabama, I have more beauty to enjoy. You should see some of the pics I took at Madea's house in Camden, Alabama over Christmas break. They are OUTSTANDING!

I thank the Creator for the magic of his universe and my place in it. He/She speaks to me clearly and feels like a warm blanket being wrapped around me.

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Alabama Photo Credit


Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

You are so CONNECTED! I'm glad that you are at peace now.

azha said...

I so feel ya sis!I admire your will and support for Anthony! I am still struggling with that but I really, honestly dont feel its the right thing. But then again I can be selfish at times. I have considered it though. lol newayz thank you Coreen so much for being such a great example to me! You are such a strong woman and a great friend and SISTER!! Love you lots and please lets get together before you leave!!