Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I am in need of a muse.

My days seem to be monotonously running from one to the next without incident. When did I sign up for this life? I don't know when things started to change into this "Matrix-esque" simulated reality where every day is the same but it wears me down.

It used to be that I could never be in the same place for six months. I'd work to finance a grand vacation somewhere. Cross-country road trip. Road trip to Key West, Florida. Dream vacation to Europe. Cancun, Mexico. Atlanta for a week. New York for the weekend. San Francisco shopping trip. **heavy sigh** Where did that freedom go?

I feel so chained to my job sometimes even though I absolutely adore every, single one of my Student-Workers. They are all so different and yet so indicative of the hope of the rising generation. I believe in them. I believe that they have the power to lead the world back to LOVE -- unconditional love! I just feel like I've reached a stand-still at my job.

Lord knows, I would rather be working on my many novels or traveling or learning yoga in India. Or learning about the Buddha at a Buddhist monastery. Perhaps I could be in Alaska witnessing Aurora Borealis or in Macchu Picchu. But here I am, exactly where the Universe(God) has placed me for a time, a season, and a purpose. May I fulfill whatever that purpose is.


Luela said...
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Luela said...

Girrrrrrrrrrrl you need to write a book. I just love to read your blogs!!! Your blog is my favorite!