Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Boobs

I'm such a people-watcher. Joining 24-Hour Fitness just added to my people-watching opportunities. I'm pretty amazed at the many different personalities I've found in such a small space.

Today, for instance, there was a woman with a strangely unproportioned body. She had a very large chest, no backside to balance her extremely large chest, and she wore a tiny tank top that could barely contain her "stuff". She seemed petite enough except for her chest. Her skin was so white, in stark contrast to her black tank top. She had jet black hair and her left arm and shoulder covered with a red and yellow tattoo. I only observed her so closely because she was just ahead of me in the circuit training area.

What was funny is how the men/boys in the club behaved once they caught a view of her breasts pouring out of her tank top. Once she knew the guys were looking, she began to bend over more often, boobs pouring out. The guys -- ogling her chest. Some without restraint, just out and out staring and some would take quick glances.

I wonder what it is about BOOBS that mesmerizes men/boys. I wonder, if a man is staring at the boobs, does he want it to drop out so he can get a full view of the entire breast, nipples and all? Is the cleavage line enough? Does he just like seeing the flesh of a woman in that area?

Anyway, there was a specific group of guys that migrated toward her. They pretended to work out but stared at the BOOB the whole time. There was a couple of guys on the eliptical machine that were doing the glance-thing. A part of me found it hilarious that men/boys could be so distracted by body parts. The other part of me, the larger part, found the whole scene to be disturbing.

And I'm not quite sure which was more annoying -- the fact that she knew they were staring and lasciviously began changing her behavior or that the men/boys were mesmerized by the fleshy, chest stuff. But who cares? This is just an observation by a conservative woman, who wasn't always this conservative.


Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...
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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

I know what you're talking about when you describe the 24 hour fitness scene. True, funny but at the same time disgusting. But I can't blame the men/boys for everything, obviously the women who flaunt it crave that sort of attention too.

"Love or Perish" - W. H. Auden said...

bahahahahahaha. I love observing people utah I used to think to myself: "How could someone so brown, seem so white?" LOL. this post was boobylicious...i don't get it either. we should do a study and see if men/boys still ogle if the face that belongs to the chest is ugly...or how bout a beautiful face and no boobs?<--who gets more stares? anyway, im so j you get to go to 24 hour. i need some motivation to shrink my stomach and stop my auaga's from trying to make fire...icky.

The Brown Blogger said...

I can honestly say after turning a certain age that I don't know why 'we' still do that.