Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been under the weather the past couple of days. I have a terrible head cold. Let it be gone by tomorrow. Also, stress from having to make grown-up decisions has me thoroughly pre-occupied and very uninspired. Thus, having zero energy to put together a coherent piece.

I took out my sketchbook this evening, listened to beautiful music, and waited to feel the magic of creation. Nothing. I put the pencil to the paper and all I could muster was a few figures, random faces at different angles, and what I am calling a lion with a full mane. Have I lost my muse? I'm so hungry to create!

I didn't realize how much energy it takes for me to write my novel. I have the whole story in my head. I even have all the different characters thought up. All I have to do is put it to paper. I debate inside my head whether I should handwrite the entire novel or type it out on the ole laptop. I think there's a great connection to the source of creativity when it's being handwritten. My personal diary is a reflection of the creativity that happens when I handwrite. **sigh**

Husband and I purchased a really nice camera this past weekend. 10 megapixels, 18x zoom. After I took beautiful pictures at the beach on MLK Day, I was running toward the shore and dropped my reliable Sony camera into the salt water. So it definitely needed to be replaced. I've been meaning to upgrade anyway so it works out perfect. I'm glad I was able to rescue the memory card, at least. The camera has such awesome features. I took pictures of the flowers and ferns at my mothers house. The amount of detail is AMAZING!

Well, hopefully I'll have more energy to put together a meaningful piece tomorrow.

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Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

I thought about what you said. . . about your yearning to create. That reminded me of a talk by Pres Uchtdorf entitled, "Happiness, Your Heritage". I also thought about what Stephenie Meyer wrote online when she "officially" made her incomplete draft of Midnight Sun public. She said something to the effect that she was upset at the fact that someone had leaked her rough draft to the public. Because of that, she wouldn't be able to write as well as she would like being that writing is an emotional thing so she had posponed finishing Midnight Sun indefinitly. Hope you get well soon so you can start feeling inpsired to create something wonderful!