Monday, December 08, 2008

Post Nasal Drip Post

Lastnight, before dinner, I noticed my throat feeling raw and scratchy. This morning, my nose was draining and I had a little cough. Now, I find myself at work feeling absolutely horrible and desiring very much to lay down in my comfortable tempurpedic bed.

How did I find myself at work? Well, my boss called me bright and early to tell me he was sick. He beat me to the punch. Since there's just he and I as full-time employees in our office, it's either him or I. We both can't be sick at the same time. We both can't go on vacation in the same month. There are 11 student employees that work under me but they can't answer all the questions that need to be answered in any given business day. They are not relegated to make decisions for the operations of the warehouse.

So here I am, miserable at work but LOVING that the boss is absent. I get to listen to my music and blog incessantly. **sigh**

Kleenex - check
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice for Vitamin C - check
My favorite herbal tea - check

I think I have everything I need to be here 'til 5... let's hope I can keep it together.

1 comment:

Darius T. Williams said...

I love fresh squeezed orange juice...throw in a little coconut rum to feel even better - lol!