Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Song For You

1. Song that makes you dance, no matter what:
As by Stevie Wonder

2. Song you'd use to tell someone you love them:
Out On A Limb performed by Teena Marie

3. Song that has made you sit down and analyze the lyrics:
Redemption Song ...Bob Marley...

4. Song you like that a two-year old would like:
The Circle of Life from the Lion King

5. Song that gives you an energy boost:
Shackles performed by Mary Mary

6. A song you and your grandparents would like:
September ... Earth Wind and Fire

7. Song you really liked when you were in high school that you still like now:
Remember the Time performed by Michael Jackson. The video is off the chains as well!!

8. A sad song that would be in the soundtrack of the movie about your life:
By Your Side performed by Sade... the tone of the song is so sad and it would be played in the movie of my life during the time I was getting divorced from my ex-husband.

9. Peppy song that would start the opening credits in the movie of your life:
The Glow... it's a song from one of my favorite 80's movies... The Last Dragon. LOL...

10. A good song from a genre of music that no one would guess you liked:
Easy... Nessun Dorma as performed by Luciano Pavoratti

11. Song you think should have been playing when you were born:
Close To You ...yes... the one by The Carpenter's. The lyrics do it for me!

12. Favorite duet artists:
Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack

13. A favorite song you completely disagree with:
Me So Horny from 2LIVE Crew... such a raunchy song but I like the beat and the hook... if only the lyrics were different. I feel like it almost has NO artistic merit.

14. Song that you like despite the fact that your IQ level drops several points every time you listen to it:
I Don't Give a 'F' ...Lil John

15. Smoothe song for relaxing:
Wey You ...Chante Moore from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack... the whole thing is good for relaxing.

16. A song you would send to someone you can't stand:

17. Favorite political track:
War Bob Marley... you could actually pick from any number of Bob Marley songs and find the best political commentary through music.

18. Favorite track from a band considered a "super group":
Loves Holiday from Earth Wind and Fire

19. A song that makes you reminisce about good times with a family member:
It's Not Easy from South African reggae artist Lucky Dube -- reminds me of my cousin Jason who passed in 1996.

20. Favorite song from a soundtrack:
Home from The Wiz... that is just the BEST!!

21. Your favorite song RIGHT now:
Isn't She Lovely from Stevie Wonder

**********YOUR TURN!*************


Darius T. Williams said...

I'm not doing ALL THAT - but my jam is A Song For You by Donny Hathaway.

E said...

I think I'll share a few of my songs on my blog...nice idea for a post. I need some lately..:-)

Eb the Celeb said...

I might have to jack this... I did one similar a while back but this has a little bit of a different twist