Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Rundown

My journey toward releasing 50 pounds forever is going quite well. Even with my little aches and pains, I still feel good. I feel like I'm purging all the things that my body doesn't need. Every day it gets easier to walk and I've started partially running my route.

I'm so inspired by my cousin, the Army Captain, to get fit. She's been staying with husband and I since she got in. We've started our mornings, stretching, praying and hitting the pavement to walk. It's a habit I want to have all the days of my life.

Saturday morning we did three miles. I ran the last mile... not all the way through. I did the run-walk thing. It was so invigorating. I feel so alive and so aware of the fresh air that we enjoy in Hawai'i. After our run on Saturday morning, we sat back and began watching Farrakhan Speaks. It's husband and I's favorite Saturday morning show. That episode catapulted us into a conversation about God. We discussed the nature of God! How, no matter what people call Him, we all share the same God. Smack dab in the middle of our conversation, the Jehovah Witnesses show up. I thanked the 19-year old young man for doing the Lord's work, shook his hand and sent them on their merry way.

We had a late brunch at this place called the Original Pancake House. The decor is unbelievably dated but the food was great and the service even better! I ordered the potato omelette. It was very interesting. The eggs were so fluffy, like filled with air. The omelette was filled with bacon, cheese and potatoes. It was covered with a sour cream sauce. It was unusual and a little bland. I thought the combination was going to taste like a baked potato. It didn't! The order was huge and it came with three buttermilk pancakes. That was the true gem! The pancakes!! Yummy.

We rounded out Saturday evenings meals with my version of the Greek classic, Moussakka. Google it to find a recipe. I love that dish. Its one of my faves! I fried the eggplant and zucchini in olive oil. Layered it in a pan, similar to lasagna, with meat sauce and cheese. The very last layer is a bechemel sauce mixed with cheese, poured over the top and baked in, like a top crust. Delicious!

Sunday -- I finally got around to reading Twilight, a vampire book. I'm almost done with it. Got a couple more pages to go. The first two-thirds of the book was quite boring but the ending is very suspenseful and action packed. I'm glad I stuck it out because I was going to return all these books to my cousin and tell her that I hated the book. I'm glad there are three more books in this series.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are well on your way. I am trying to drop about 70lbs by next summer. What I found to be a great tool is Someone else referred me to the site and I fell in love with it. It is a weight loss aid and it has support groups, plenty of helpful information, an exercise section that provides instructionals and videos for exercises, and a virtual reward system. It basically allows you to track your nutrition and fitness, set short term and long term goals for yourself and assists you with tracking those things and allows you to network with other people who are just trying to lose weight and/or who are trying to lose weight and share some of your common interest. I am in a local branch of the group, a sewing group of weight losers, and another one. It gives you inspirational quotes and stories to help keep you motivated and other people.

I wonder if the Original Pancake House there is anything like the one location we have here. Sounds the same. I love their french toast made out of real french bread loaves. *yum*

Who is the author of Twilight? If you like vampire/vampire huntress books, I have the first seven out of eleven so far of the LA Banks series. She is a black vampire huntress writer and I love the books. I loaned the first one to a friend and she said she couldn't get into it but I think they are a wonderful read. If you want to read them let me know when you get done and I will send them to you.

Ui said...

congrats on working out!!! marie╩╗s here already? man...that was fast! i just got back from hana and that was awesome!!! i love going back there. i know what u mean about twilight! i thought the same about the beginning too. happy reading!