Friday, July 04, 2008

Movie Review: Han.cock

Watched Hancock with husband and my brother and his wife. I found the movie HIGHLY unpredictable. It was really nice to be in a movie where I was still up in the air about "what-comes-next". Prior to this movie, I watched the latest Indiana Jones movie and that flopped horribly, even though I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rest of the Indiana Jones series.

So anyway -- what I noticed first was the excessive bad language that is soooo not Wil Smith. I was quite surprised at the number of a-holes and b's were in the movie. Serious! It didn't look pretty on the Fresh Prince. I wish he skipped on the bad language. What is the reason for the language? What does a director or writer gain from adding the 'grown-up' words? First recommendation -- skip on taking the kids to this PG-13 movie until you can screen it and see if it's appropriate for your child.

Wil Smith is a superhero that suffers from amnesia. His performance was quite interesting. It was not one of my favorites but I'm still a big fan of the Fresh Prince. I wasn't feeling the scraggly look but I understand, as an actor, you have to change it up and try different roles or fall into typecast hell like Sanaa Lathan or Michael Beach.

I enjoyed Jason Bateman's performance. Remember him from the 80's sitcom classic, Silver Spoons? He plays a quirky, good-guy publicist in Hancock waiting for his big break! He helps Hancock clean up his act.

Charlize Theron -- her skin looked HORRIBLE in this movie. Uggghhhh!! I was not impressed. Her performance -- average.

If I had to review this movie in a sentence...
Fallen gods find each other in a giant world.

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