Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Basic Questions that Bounce Around in my BRAIN

LEGISLATION / LAWS = Less Crime. True OR False?

Does new legislation mean that crime will go down?

I wonder how many laws and bills and acts have been introduced. How many are passed into law? How many are enforced? How many lives has it changed?

Has it benefited society to have MORE laws?

If we have more laws, do we have less criminals OR more criminals since there are more laws that can be broken?

Do police officers understand the basic rights afforded by the constitution? If the answer is 'No', can they protect my constitutional rights?

Do laws change human behavior? Does the death penalty discourage murderers? Are there punishments harsh enough?

If States are privatizing their jail systems, does that mean that the private jail industry is ENCOURAGING crime... just so they can stay in business? Is the BLACK Male their target "consumer"?

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