Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I took a walk into the mountains today.

I grew up at the foot of these mountains, climbed it's easiest hills and explored her untouched beauty. I understand now why men leave their possessions to seek serenity in the mountains. One can truly center himself in the quiet solitude of nature.

The climb was steep but so invigorating. I wish I could capture my impressions as I walked through the forest. The Ironwood tree's weeped such a sad song. As the winds blew threw her branches, I felt her strange sadness and could hear her speak her pain. Trees and plants are so honest. They have nothing to hide.

My digital camera and video camera were intruders in a world so unspoiled by man. As I forged deeper into her valley, I began to feel so close to mother earth. Birds sang haunting tunes of sorrow. Their melodies were the only sound piercing the quiet still of the forest and I marched in time.

My senses were heightened as I inhaled such fresh air. The sound of trickling water soothed any ill thoughts and feelings that I had entered the forest with. The three hour trek through the mountains felt like a magnificent hug. Like Mother Earth had wrapped her arms around me and confirmed the path I choose to walk on. I have so much to learn. I am so humbled by the grand universe and how I am but a speck in her vastness and yet, I know my life has meaning.

I am so grateful to have been a witness of the Creator's beauty today. Can a work of art be created spontaneously? Hardly! My universe is deliberate!


Sweet KeiKei said...

wow, what a beautiful way to express what you felt and observed while in nature. and the photos are so beautiful and professional like they are meant for a purpose and will go with an ad, inspiring poem or something someday...wow!
btw, i'm unknowndiva and i found your blog thru hassan. from what i've read so far, i'll be visiting frequently from now on.
peace and blessings!!!

Anonymous said...

just beautiful.

The Brown Blogger said...