Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's All Up To You

The American Working Middle Class is disappearing. The ONLY people that can truly save an entire class of people are intentionally dumbed down and are so beaten by poverty that they have no interest in saving Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. Can they be blamed? Hardly!

There is a diabolical force at work on the face of Mother Earth. This force seeks to perpetuate warfare... because WAR=MONEY. They will continually eliminate the working middle class until there is only the EXTREMELY RICH and the EXTREMELY POOR. (98% of the people that read my blog will probably fall into the latter category.) How will they do this? Taxes & Inflation!

If you don't already know -- there is NO law that requires a tax on your income! I've written about this subject MANY times. Folks automatically assume that I must be mistaken. I can assure you that I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT mistaken. To get a brief introduction, I beg you to watch the movie, America: Freedom to Fascism. <---Click the link to watch! The movie comes at the climax of my search for tax freedom.

In America, we pay for convenience. Voluntary compliance to PAY a tax on your income is an example of paying for convenience. The masses in America prefer the easy route of paying a tax even though there is no law that requires you to do so. Don't automatically dismiss my claims. Please look further into it. Your journey can start by watching America: Freedom to Fascism. Then maybe you can check out the Give Me Liberty Website. And if you really wanted to have a conversation with me about it and how I learned all of this, email me!

Revealing the truth is ALL UP TO YOU!

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The Brown Blogger said...

This is why I love coming to your blog.

Please teach us sister. We need these lessons...